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Personal Injury

A personal injury is any injury caused to one’s body or mind as a result of another’s actions. It can be inflicted by an individual, an employee of a company, or through the direct actions of a company. We represent men, women, and minors, who suffer an injury and want the compensation they deserve.

Injury from an Auto Accident

Car and truck accidents are a very common injury. In Florida, it is mandatory that driver’s carry liability insurance.

Injury from Slip and Fall
Slip and fall injuries suffered at story and other public places are the most common way people are hurt.

Injury from a Dangerous Condition at a Premises
Any type of unsafe condition in a public place or private home can be considered negligent and give rise to liability under law.

Injury from Someone’s Intentional Behavior

While most people seeking compensation for injuries are not claiming someone intentionally hurt them; however, you may be able to recover for intentional acts in civil court.

Injury from a Dog Bite
If a dog bites you, you may be entitled to sue and recover damages in court.

Injury from Someone’s Negligence
Everyone has a duty to behave with a reasonable degree of care in all things they do. If they are unreasonable and you get hurt, you may be entitled to compensation.


Criminal & Traffic

We represent men, women and juveniles charged with petty, misdemeanor and felony charges in state and federal court.

Alcohol Related Crimes
DUI, Felony DUI, Public Intoxication, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Supplying Alcohol to Minors, Selling Alcohol to Minors and more.

Assault & Battery
Assault, Battery, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and more.

Driving & Traffic Crimes
DUI, Driving Without a License, Reckless Driving, Hit and Run, Vehicular Assault and more.

Drug Crimes
Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Cocaine Possession, Crystal Meth Possession, Heroin Possession, Drug Trafficking, Selling Oxycontin/Oxycodone, and more.

Fraud & Financial Crimes
Fraud, Money Laundering, Identity Theft, Wire Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Forgery and more.

Juvenile Crimes
Juvenile Drug Possession, Theft and Burglary, Teen Sexting, Minor Possession of Alcohol, and more.

Theft & Robbery
Theft, Shoplifting, Embezzlement, Auto Theft, Burglary, Home Invasion, and more.


Family Law Practice Areas

Divorces are fraught with disagreements and dissatisfaction. On occasion a case will find an unsatisfactory outcome at the from the ruling of a Circuit Court Judge which may be challenged at the Florida Court of Appeals or even Florida Supreme Court. The appeals process is lengthy and technical but it can have a significant impact on the outcome of a wrongly decided case and on the law of the State of Florida.

Divorce, Separation and Annulment
We handle cases involving divorce, separation and annulment.  Either spouse may pursue divorce, which will end the marriage. Luca Law Firm can assist you with all aspects of your divorce, including child custody and support spousal support and division of property and debts. We provide adjusted rates for uncontested divorces.

Child Custody and Parenting Time
Child custody and parenting time issues are often the most important facets of a family law case. There are two distinct elements involving parenting. The first is legal custody. Legal custody is the authority to make decisions for the children regarding schooling, healthcare, religion and lifestyle. Legal custody may be joint or sole. Joint legal custody means “shared decision making”. It exists only if the parties agree to share joint legal custody.

The second issue is parenting time. Parenting time is the schedule of contact that the children have with each parent. If the parties cannot agree on a parenting time schedule between themselves or through mediation, the Court is required to impose a schedule consistent with the children’s best interest.

Modification of Custody, Parenting Time and Support
After a General Judgment of Divorce, Separation or Annulment is entered circumstances may change in a manner that warrants a modification of custody, parenting time, or support orders. Common examples of “unanticipated substantial changes in circumstances” which may result in modification include a change in a party’s income from loss of employment, an ex-spouse’s remarriage or the children’s significant struggles in school or in social settings. This could include domestication of an existing order if a judgement has been ruled on in a different state.

Financial Support: Child and Alimony
Child support is an amount of money paid to one parent by the other monthly for the support and benefit of the parties’ children. The State of Florida utilizes a complex formula using the parties’ incomes and various other factors to determine an appropriate amount of child support.

Alimony is an amount of money paid by one former spouse to the other for support. There are a few different categories for alimony; bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational, or permanent in nature or any combination of these forms of alimony. There are many factors that dictate which type and for how long support is to be paid. We will be able to help you figure out which one(s) apply to your situation.


Cannabis  Law

January, 3 2017, Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) became legal in Florida. There are several pending bills introduced to our Florida legislature for the Spring 2017 session.

As the regulations and licensing requirements are unfolding, we will stay abreast of the evolving legislation.

As a member of the Norml Legal Committee since 2014, we are dedicated to the safeguarding of Floridians rights to access to legal medical cannabis.

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